Japanese Style Clothing: Harem Pants

Modern day Japanese Clothing –Harem Pants

Modern Japanese adults clothing in a manner that is highly similar to western attire daily. Stylish clothing, jeans, T-shirts, pants for men, and other everyday clothing are preferred for men and women. As Japan attempts to maintain its modernity, harem pants are worn frequently, except on rare occasions.

The two most prevalent Japanese clothing styles are traditional Japanese clothing (kimono) and Western clothing (all other clothing not recognized as national or foreign attire).

When it comes to the ankle-cinching style of harem pants, you can't go wrong. It was also known as a "harem skirt" when it was first introduced. Designers such as Paul Poiret introduced the first 'harem pants/skirts' to Western fashion in 1910. yet they were influenced by Middle Eastern styles and şalvar (Turkish trousers).

Researchers believe the term "harem pants" originated in the West as a general term for loose-fitting, ankle-high pants in the manner of Turkish bloomers and other closely related designs such as South Asian bloomers, Bosnian dimijes, and Ukrainian sharovarys.

Japanese harem pants

Japanese harem pants are a terrific casual alternative to jeans, chinos, as well as traditional and formal pants... Moreover, it looks well with a Sukajan bomber jacket for an urban look or merely wooden sandals for a more traditional approach.

Inviting you to browse through our collection of Japanese streetwear, Harajuku fashion district, Japan, and traditional Japanese clothing for men and women. Here is a mini-guide to show you how to wear these modern and traditional Japanese harem outfits, including when and with what.

Remember, there are many different styles to choose from, and you will find your happiness and your future style among Japanese pants, cargo pants, harem pants, and so on... Although the supplies are limited, we will do all in our power to provide you with the best selection of Japanese fashion-inspired clothing.

Using traditional Japanese trousers styles and cuts as a starting point, this collection incorporates modern and classic clothing materials such as cotton, polyester, and techwear material.

Different Kinds of colored Japanese harem pants

Japanese harem pants are available in a variety of colors.

For those unfamiliar with the Japanese harem, it is a comfortable kind of pants to wear at home or on the beach. We recommend the following two colors: black harem pants and white harem pants to achieve an authentic look.

1.   Black harem pants

With these black harem pants in a traditional Japanese style and design, you can be comfortable yet stylish. The black color is complemented by a red crown crane print, and the elastic waist and bottom hem allow these trousers to be worn with any style of shoes while remaining comfortable.

  • Best quality cotton and polyester fabric.
  • Comfortable Japanese-style pants
  • Ankle cuffs and an elastic waistband.
  • In a washing machine, tumble dry on low heat.
  • Free international standard shipping.

2.   White harem pants

White Harems were typically wives and concubines, and men were not permitted to access the premises. In 19th century pictures, Northern African women from harems were shown as wearing oversized, tulip-shaped trousers to maintain their modesty — and it is generally considered that this is where the term "tulip trousers" came from.

You won't draw into the outfit's strength and creativity if you wear it like any other pair of pants. Choose colors that are associated with a showy style without hesitation. If you want to go for a more Wabi-Sabi look, we suggest black or white pants.

What leads Japanese harem pants to be so wide?

Nika-pokka, or nikka-pokka, is a term that has been used to describe the traditional clothing worn by Japanese construction workers throughout history. Because of the free fit in the crotch of these broad Japanese harem pants is worn by both men and women in Japan.

While climbing up buildings, people can comfortably extend their legs thanks to this type of Japanese baggy pants. Some employees believe that wearing these pants makes their jobs safer. Workers who work at heights believe it is safer for them to hold to anything in case they fall since loose pants tend to stick to objects in the event of an accident.

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