Kyogen Society Darkwear - A Japanese Techwear Subdivision

What is Kyogen Society Darkwear?

Kyogen society offers a wide range of Japanese darkwear in a variety of colors. Look no farther than others if you're seeking modern darkwear apparel, techwear clothing, or any other form of darker outfit.

Kyogen Society is a Japanese streetwear brand that aspires to be different and unique. Our Japanese clothing styles, which are motivated by Japan's Kyogen era of Yokai dramas and folk-lore legends, help promote a thriving community and subculture within the streetwear society.

Kyogen Society, which was founded in 2018, is on a mission to promote streetwear culture worldwide. As a result of our location in Toronto, Canada, we have a complete awareness of the most recent trends in urban street fashion. We adhere to the notion that fashion should be accessible while yet retaining its beauty and high-quality standards. We are obsessive about the details, and we constantly inspect the quality of our products.

We deal with only reputable suppliers who share our enthusiasm for providing high-quality products, ensuring that our clients receive only the highest-quality products available. Our quality assurance team guarantees that every piece is created to the highest possible standard. Before being packaged and dispatched to the buyer, each item is handmade and carefully checked to ensure that the quality is of the highest possible standard.

Lastly and most significantly, we believe that shopping should be considered an absolute right rather than a luxury; thus, we attempt to provide the greatest possible products at the most reasonable prices while also transporting them to you regardless of where you reside! Our customers are our primary concern, and we put out the tremendous effort to establish long-lasting and meaningful relationships with them.

At Kyogen Society, we put out the tremendous effort to ensure that our customers are constantly satisfied and receive the highest possible quality at the most reasonable pricing. As always, the needs and interests of our customers are at the center of our business, and we hope you will love our apparel line and items as much as we enjoy bringing them to you through our website.


A quick look at Japanese’s Techwear

Initially originating as ninja garb in feudal Japan, techwear is a Japanese darkwear outfit that has evolved into what we know today. Every piece of our techwear is honed aesthetically and prioritized for usefulness. It catalyzes both the evolution and propagation of cyberpunk culture and urban street fashion.

This cargo-style jacket is ideal for techwear, and because it is made of high-quality materials, you will not want to take it off. There are two color options: white and black.

  1. Lining: A tricot fabric that is lightweight and drapes well.
  2. A YKK zipper that is both waterproof and strong.
  3. A nylon rope and buckle lacing system with an adjustable buckle.
  4. DWR has been treated


  1. This is a mid-weight, fully taped, waterproof jacket with a hard shell to protect your thermal layer and base layer from the worst of weather conditions.
  2. A quick 3-way adjustable, removable hood may improve the fit and performance of the jacket on windy and rainy occasions.
  3. Iconic techwear design: The Double Center Zipper from the legendary J1A jacket serves as the closure. Modified to be lighter in weight, less complicated, and more comfortable in urban explorations.
  4. Loading capacity: two water-resistant chest pockets, one zipper arm pocket, four inner pockets with zippers, two hand pockets, one back pocket, and two extendable PALS webbing systems on either side of the waist.
  5. An internal lacing system derived from the classic military range vest design allows you to customize the fit when wearing many layers.
  6. There is a webbing tab on the shoulder to secure modest everyday carry equipment or personalized random things to the shoulder strap.

A white shirt and this large vest are perfect for anyone looking to spice up their white shirts. Several sizes are available for this vest, which makes it a fantastic accent to any casual ensemble. Get yours right away!

Final thoughts:

Kyogen Society darkwear is a one-of-a-kind design ideal for casual streetwear. If you like, you can also buy the techwears. It comes in a variety of patterns.

Darkwater is a style of Japanese streetwear, where the lores of Japan's legends and myths add their alien but awe-inspiring beauty to our dark street fashion line.

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